Beauty is a Matter of Perspective

mila kunis no make up

Looks can be deceptive

Mila Kunis is seen as one of the hottest women on the planet right now, having her posters pinned up on thousands of teenage boys bedroom walls, she is a sex symbol for the latest generation of tweeting teenagers. In a world that has ever increasingly become obsessed with image and the way women look in the media it is no wonder people has become a lot more conscious about the way they look and the perception of beauty. So if Mila Kunis is the benchmark we set for the rest of society why do we cease to acknowledge her appearance when she isn’t wearing make up?

It is often said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder but whoever said that never had the ability to use Photoshop and thousands of make up brands to help them change and hide their natural appearance. As shown from the photos of Mila Kunis you can see that beauty can be easily fabricated – she goes from a goddess to an absolute minger, this just proves that beauty is just a matter of perspective. No matter what you look like whether you are known as ugly or as stunning you can be made to look better and with enough time even the ugliest duckling can be made to look as gorgeous as Mila Kunis – With her make up on!

If you have never considered yourself to be beautiful then you need to change the way you perceive beauty. Its not just plastering yourself in make up and wearing revealing clothes, beauty is more about a person’s individual personality and their actions around others. As the common phrase goes beauty is only skin deep but as we say many times at the ugly dating site, beauty is all about what’s underneath not just what you see at face value.

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