Four Ugly Truths

Here are four ugly truths when that we should try to avoid when dating. These are the ugly truths we shouldn’t tolerate when dating, so if you want a successful relationship please read and digest!

We don't talk anymore

We don’t talk anymore

The influence of the Internet has affected our social habits and cast a negative spell on our modern world of dating. Here are the four ugly truths of today’s ugly dating world.

All text and no talk
By picking up the phone to speak with your date seems to be a terrifying ordeal to some so much they would prefer to converse just via text. The personal touch has long gone and free flow of conversation disappeared. Texting can also be misinterpreted and there are different ways to phrase something so that it comes out exactly how you want it to. There is no physical contact where you need to think on the spot, people hide behind their phones. When in a romantic relationship the stakes seem high enough that you would rather not risk it at all by showing the real you in the flesh.

Having no label on the relationship
Some people like the clarity of labeling their relationships, whether it’s “just friends”, “friends with benefits”, “fuck buddies who don’t really like each other at all but have good sex”, “non-exclusively dating”, “in a serious relationship”, etc. Other people find that putting a label on something introduces all kinds of preconceived ideas about what things should be like, or how two people are supposed to act according to arbitrary social standards that have nothing to do with the two people involved. Some people think that when you live without labels, you are forced to think more about your actual relationship and act in accordance with what works and in real for you two, without getting to be lazy and fall back on assumptions, whereas others get way too anxious without the structure.

Pretending not to care
When dating someone new it’s now considered to ‘play it cool’ and not showing your true feelings for them with the worry that you may scare them off. The truth is the more you hide your feelings the more likely it is to never find the true happiness you desire when dating. Some say the more you keep your feelings to yourself the more you won’t feel vulnerable and can’t get hurt. Sometimes you have to take the risk in getting hurt otherwise you simply have no chance of being happy. A lot of people opt for the safe mediocrity of lukewarm emotions and half-commitments. I mean, make your own choices, but I wouldn’t want to date those people.

Reading someone’s texts/emails
No matter how long you have been in a relationship for whether it be a short term or many years everyone is entitled to some degree of privacy. The line of what you share with your partner is not exactly set in stone but being intrusive into someone’s private phone or emails without them knowing should never be tolerated. Regardless of how balanced a relationship is once the love and trust is broken the relationship will most definitely fail.

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