Gemma Collins on Celebrity Big Brother

Gemma Collins from reality TV show TOWIE has entered into the Celebrity Big Brother House for the 2016 series. This bolshie blonde from Essex has wasted no time in ruffling the feathers of her other celebrity house mates not to mention the constant stirring up of others people’s business.

Although Gemma may have a TOWIE fanbase she’s not doing herself many favours with her attitude and she is causing upset to house mates such as ex-Eastenders star John Partridge. She made John cry in the house and he admitted he hasn’t cried in years and she left him sobbing as he said ‘I didn’t cry at my father’s funeral, or through my mother’s illness, and I regret you, Gemma, making me cry.’

Unlucky in love with a string of failed relationships even with Gemma’s latest boyfriend doing time in prison for GBH and now breaching his licence things aren’t looking up for this reality TV star. It’s hard not to feel sorry for Gemma and on a recent episode of CBB she suffered a meltdown of epic proportions, as she lamented her lack of a boyfriend to look after her, financially as well as emotionally.

Hot headed ‘GC’ tells it straight and her alter ego name often comes out in an ugly display to her fellow celebrity house mates. She admits the quieter version of her known as ‘Gem’ is a shy girl next door type with a big heart. This TOWIE star certainly needs to show her nicer side in the CBB house let’s hope she changes her ugly ways. So if you are unlucky in love like Gemma Collins you may well find a genuine less attractive safer option with a date from the Ugly Dating site.

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