Mr Ugly Contest Winner

Runner up Mr Ugly Contest

Mison Sere – Winner of the Mr Ugly Contest

Zimbabwe’s ugly contest winner Mison Sere takes great delight in holding the top spot for simply being ugly. Mr Sere has won $500 for being voted Mr Ugly, and he now plans to start a TV career. The organiser of the Mr Ugly competition David Machowa stated that as “normal” models make money from their looks then why can’t ugly people do the same.

William Masvinu

Disappointed Runner Up William Masvinu

Meantime, last year’s winner of Zimbabwe’s Mr Ugly title William Masvinu was disheartened to find out that he wasn’t the ugliest this year. He felt that he deserved to win this year too, and he wanted to keep the contracts he had gained after winning Mr Ugly last year. His supporters wanted him to win again this year too, and they were thought that this year’s ugliest man Mr Sere was ‘too handsome’!

Poor William may have to knock a few of his teeth out to be in with a chance for the next ugly competition for 2017. In the meantime Mr Sere is making the most of his new found fame of being ugly and is living it up, schmoozing with his adoring fans.

Mr Sere living it up

Mr Sere living it up

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