Tell A Stranger They Are Beautiful

You are beautifulLast week I told a stranger they were beautiful. It has always been a thought of mine, to find a way of telling the world how beautiful they are. I was standing at the train station, the hustle and bustle of a Monday morning was all around me, and then a woman caught my eye. I was genuinely struck with awe; I couldn’t stop staring at her. So, I thought instead of gawping like an idiot and risking her feeling super uncomfortable – I would go ahead and tell her I thought she was incredibly beautiful. You see, acts of genuine self-less honesty with no motive attached but just let someone know how wonderful they are, are very rare and she seemed ever so flattered.

We all go about our lives with glazed eyes blind to the beautiful things around us, and we also forget about the genuine difference we can make with just one simple act. We all have the power change a person’s day, isn’t that incredible? It is something little we can all do that can make this world a little easier to live in. You have the ability to see an element of someone that they may have forgotten about, or haven’t noticed. We all need reassurance sometimes, we all need saving. And let me tell you something – telling someone they are beautiful for no reason other than to make them smile feels so good. The feeling of knowing you have made someone’s day just a little easier to swallow makes your own day better, so why not try it? Make a difference, today. Because we are all beautiful in our own little ways, we can all find something beautiful in every stranger that we meet – now why not tell them? If you are too shy to tell someone to their face, why not write on a bit of paper? That way you can still tell them, but slope off in case of embarrassment. But I promise you – you won’t feel this; you will feel liberated, confident and happy knowing you made someone’s day! This isn’t just a perfect way of making life a little more wonderful for someone, but it could be the start of a beautiful romance… If you can’t do this, then try just giving a stranger a big old smile! Spread the love my beautiful ladies and gents.

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