7 Ugly Dating Habits

When you meet someone on a first date or you are in the early stages of getting to know your date this is when you find out any of their ugly habits. Here are seven ugly dating habits that will put you right off a long-term relationship.

1. Social Smoking
We all know know that cigarettes are bad for your health. Regardless of this, smoking is still a bad habit some of us need to stop. Even if you’re not a big smoker, there are consequences for the social life. Cigarette smokers are now minimal and decreasing in adult population. And with most people not lighting up, you still never know when that odd cigarette is going to hinder your chance for friendship, or even dating. No one really wants to date someone who smokes, it makes you physically less attractive causing wrinkles, yellowing teeth and fingers, along with thinning facial skin.

2. Booze Bingers
It seems that alcohol is a huge part of all social gatherings. It relaxes us, use to celebrate, commiserate and more. Still, no matter how many messages on moderation we hear, to get caught up in the moment and drink excessively without realising. It’s an ugly state to get in too. If you’re overly-intoxicated, you could put off a lot of people. Or, you could even become vulnerable and a target for undesirable people. Know your limits and make sure you have a good set of friends around you just in case.

3. Phone/Texting chatters
Everybody seems to be glued to their mobile phones. With smart phones fully on the market it gives instant access to the web, social networking sites and a wide range of fun apps. With this in mind it’s easy access at our fingertips, this causes a disconnect from the real world surroundings. Digital walls can prevent meaningful connections. this behaviour can become a pitfall in social settings. Put the phone down and post that picture later. Face to face contact and real engagement is more appealing to those around you.

4. Persistent Gossiping
Though gossip can be a bonding tool amongst a group, it is seemed to be looked upon as bad behaviour. Gossips can cause a divide where people have their opinions regardless of knowing the true facts causing great upset. In addition, the consequences of gossiping will always be classed as unprofessional. The best thing to do is keep quiet and don’t join in. The Golden rule is to bite your tongue.

5. Negative mind set
How you think plays a huge part in your appeal to others. If you are of the negative mind set then this will show through your body language and will make you become unattractive. Thinking positive is the way forward because it can make you stand out from crowd regardless of how you look or act. If you become happier it’s a no brainer you become a more attractive person. Break the negativity and learn to change your ways.

6. Incessant Defensiveness
At times you feel you need to defend yourself but being overly defensive can cause missed opportunities and end meaningful relationships. If you argue with someone about a topic with no agreement, take a deep breath and relax before you speak. This way, you’ll build confidence, plus strengthen your belief on the subject at hand. If you have been singled out and attacked in the past, letting go of built-up defensiveness can be rather difficult. Still, analyse the situation for the differences between then and now can help you respond in a calm way. Remember: not everyone is out to get you!

7. Worrying Way Too Much
Slight Worry and anxiety can help in preparing us for tence events like a blind date, a work deadline or exam. If you’re a constant worrier anxiety will be heightened even more, this could interfere with your ugly habits such as alcohol abuse, binge eating causing subsequent relationship problems. Address your anxiety before it goes too far by consulting a doctor, taking up an exercise routine, cutting out caffeine, meditating and communicating with good friends and family will help you become more calmer and carefree. This will give others around you a good energy and you will be more relaxed too.

Banish these ugly dating habits for good, no one is perfect like those at Ugly Dating site but there’s a lesson to be learnt if you want to get a new relationship off to a good start. Turn these seven ugly habits into a positive and your ugly ways will soon be a thing of the past.

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