Ugly Wedding Dresses

For any bride her wedding dress is one of the real highlights of her big day. Some brides like to take their choices to the extremes such as these girls below whose wedding dresses are quite simply extraordinary. We have found some of the most hideous wedding dresses you have ever seen in your life.

This is the type of wedding dress you could probably make yourself. If this bride gets bored on her wedding day and she fancies hitting the local nightclub well it’s just a simple matter of taking off the veil and accessories, then she would fit in perfectly.

A wedding dress with a cat theme! Well, it’s far from purrrfect that’s for sure! This wedding dress just oozes ugliness and doesn’t make the person in it anymore attractive in the slightest. It is such an una-cat-tractive dress, she couldn’t have been “feline” right when she chose this dress! What was she “pawsibly” thinking. The amount of work put into this dress must have been time consuming, all credit due to the effort in making it but a big fat zero for the style, this is one ugly wedding dress.

A bright coloured wedding dress, far from the norm of white or ivory. It’s the type of dress you could find worn on stage at the theatre, perhaps Cinderella and her ugly sisters springs to mind. A very bold flamboyant style of a bad wedding dress and not one that would be first choice for brides to be… about last choice!

Where do we start with this one. This wedding dress is far from flattering and looks more like a tent on this poor bride. Whoever allowed her to wear this ugly dress on her big day needs a goof talking to. Maybe her bad taste in wedding dresses reflects her taste in men too.

If you want to look like a pineapple on your wedding day then this dress is for you. Even though it may have reached catwalk status by some top designer (who has no taste) this dress is certainly of an unusual appearance but would you seriously wear this revolting wedding dress on your big day? If you had a passion for pineapples then no problem go for it otherwise you will look like a right tit.

A throw back from the 1980’s is it? These pictures are the ones you hide from way back in the day and it’s a shame for this poor girl it’s an occasion that will be remembered for ever. Fair enough this wedding dress is hideous but who ever was in charge of make-up and hair needs to be sacked, this girl didn’t stand a chance and if I was you I would store these wedding photos high up in the loft where no one can find them!

Wedding dress? I can’t see one from here! It may be classed as artistic or specially designed but who on earth would walk down the aisle in that! With the lack in material I’m sure your relatives won’t know where to look. This has got to be one of the most ugliest wedding dresses ever seen and she looks more like an angel turned pornstar than a blushing bride.

This awful wedding dress does not symbolise the purity of love and marriage. The shape of the dress is more like ruffled curtains or material from a granny’s sofa. It’s safe to say this bride and groom have no taste although you have to give them top marks for matching!

There’s nothing more ugly than a bride who has her knockers out. She was ill advised of her unflattering wedding dress and this is a number one fail for wedding photos. This is not a photo that you would want to show to your grandchildren, or in fact anyone.

Surely this bride hasn’t caught the Jordan bug? A big pink princess wedding can only mean two things; tacky and ugly. If you want to look classy and sophisticated then this disgusting wedding dress is not for you.

Let’s face it everybody has different tastes in wedding dresses, and what one person hates, another could really like; it’s a matter of personal preference. When it comes to choosing a partner this is just the same, for each person you think is ugly to another could be handsome or beautiful. Why not test your ugly tastes at the amazing Ugly Dating site.

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