Why attractive women date ugly men

Salman Rushdie and Olivia Wilde

Salman Rushdie’ adores his wife Olivia Wilde

It is common these days for women to date guys who aren’t attractive in the traditional sense of the word, and who could even be considered ugly.

Just picture it a long legged attractive woman walks down the road holding hands with an ugly guy with other jealous men staring questioning why the hell is she with him? Well, you jealous men, there could be many reasons as to why a hot girl may be interested in a less hot guy but one reason seems to stand out.

Here’s the saying that will shed some light on the reason why attractive women choose ugly men …..“The world would never find peace until men fell at their women’s feet and asked for forgiveness.” That is a great saying by novelist Jack Kerouac. What he is saying is that women want to feel worshipped by their men and it’s the ugly guys who make the effort to do that for their women as opposed to hot men who don’t worship them, and who often just break their hearts.

It tends to be easier for a woman to be with a guy who adores her and will do anything her. Women are not so bothered about the looks of a guy and are far more interested in stability and general security in a man; whereas hot guys tend to want a pretty woman on their arm to show off and also to carry the attractive gene down to their kids. A successful relationship is based on compromise, and a proud man has his prize of an attractive woman and in return she is made to feel loved and appreciated. This is what helps maintain a successful long lasting relationship such as that between brunette beauty Olivia Wilde and her not so attractive man, Salman Rushdie.

Attractive women need to stop crying over guys who don’t treat them right, and to track down a less attractive guy who will look after them and adore them! There are plenty of ugly men at the Ugly Dating site that won’t dump you and will make you feel a million dollars. What are you waiting for?

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