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Quasi Modo, a short-spined mix breed dog from Florida, has been officially named the world’s ugliest dog for epitomizing “excellence in ugliness.” The 10 years old Pitbull / Dutch Shepherd mix won the dubious title from a pool of 27 competing dogs at the annual World’s Ugliest Dog contest at the Sonoma-Marin Fair in Petaluma, California on 26th June 2015.

Quasi Modo Ugly Dog

Quasi Modo Wins Ugliest Dog 2015

The judges score the dogs on first impressions, unusual attributes, natural ugliness, personality and audience impression, according to the event’s website.

“We aren’t interested in lineage, it’s the inner beauty and personality that shine in our World’s Ugliest Dog contest,” said Karen Spencer, marketing director for Sonoma-Marin Fair.

quasimodo ugly dog

Quasi Modo Parades For The Judges

Quasi Modo is the officially the ugliest dog in the world. Her deformed body is a really ugly appearance as she’s missing some of her vertebrae and the rest are fused together. She causes attention everywhere she goes, and her owners tell others she is ‘half a dog’.

Let’s have a look at some other ugly dogs…


Swee Pee Rambo

Sweepee Rambo (what are these owner’s thinking?!) a 16 years old Chihuahua/Chinese Crested mix took runner up in the Ugly Dog competition. This scraggy looking mut is blind in one eye.


Elwood 2007 winner

This is the famous Elwood; and this is a picture of him at the Ugly Dog contest when he appeared in the 2007 competition. Elwood was a loving dog, who inspired a popular children’s book yet he recently died unexpectedly at the age of eight. RIP Elwood 🙁



Grovie, a 10-year-old pug, competed at the Ugly Dog competition in 2013.

Peanut has the winning smile

Peanut has the winning smile

Peanut won the Ugliest Dog Of the World title in 2014 title with his wild hair, bulging eyes and protruding teeth wowed the judges.



Josie a chinese crested dog from Tucson Arizona sure is one ugly mutt. She was entered into the Ugliest Dog competition in 2015 and was in with a good chance, until the judges saw Quasi Modo.

These dogs may look ugly but it’s their characters that count. Some of these ugly dogs have birth defects or needed to be rescued hence their undesirable appearance but most of all their owners are proud to show them off and love them just how they are. We can all learn from that – so dog owners should treat your dog as you would ugly people at the Ugly Dating web site.

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